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The reminder again, that it's not about performing for the client. It's about being present. Ability to confront client with what you know is not the case - challenging the client's responses. How a skilled coach can truly help others create breakthroughs in 30 minutes! A fabulous coaching session. The Q and A afterwards was especially rewarding. As so often is the case, simplicity. Loved the tips around why, what if, and how. Also the tip about getting related when first meeting the client for a session. How much can be accomplished in a short time!

I loved hearing a male coach.

Coaches and therapists make too big a deal about their differences

There's definitely a different vibe and it was interesting to observe it. Holding the questions in mind: Why this topic and Why now? Getting to the "who" of the client is. That was insightful to get the client to that point. How to reflect back to the client that shows the client a new perspective - using metaphors like the ship has left the dock - helping the client see he had already decided. Great time getting to know the client before establishing the agreement for the session Lyn Allen, MCC.

Dave Buck, MCC. Chrissy Carew, MCC. Philip Cohen MCC. You could hear how closely he was tracking her and how deeply he was listening. When coaches stay present, in service of the client and asking powerful questions clients open to their deeper knowing. He listened carefully active listening to her, to what was said and not said. The competencies are reflected in how they live their lives. Also, to continue to check in with the client regarding the coaching agreement. Define language in their own words. Judy Feld, MCC. Kathy Fleming MCC. Find the pain.

Rockwell Acres: A Novel of Voluntary Slavery

Don't be afraid to ask for the sale, don't be afraid to walk away. A lot can be accomplished in 90 days" "Have more laser focused conversations to get clients". Lynn Grodzki MCC. Lynn exuded a powerful coaching presence as a listener and was able to use her expertise masterfully in a coaching context The coach consistently asked the client to look within, and use what worked for her in the past, and to simplify her future strategy by repeating what works for her, and getting out of her own way.

Loved seeing how the coach was very direct while staying in rapport with the client.

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Im taking away witnessing total presence, validation, acknowledgement, and direct communication, in addition to insight from being stretched and challenged, and growth from the client. Monetizing value we bring to the table for our client as coaches. Joan C. King, MCC. Andrea J. Coaching Topic: "My husband and I seem to have separate plans and never have a common goal or dream. How do we get together and support each other when our views of how to approach things are so different?

The balance of the relationship seems to be one person is up and the other person is down.

Mentoring Versus Coaching: What’s the Difference?

How to create space for us both to be great? Veronika Noize. I especially appreciated the masterful dialogue at the end of the call with Marty.

Masterful Coaching: Tips 1 and 2

Very Beneficial!!! Asking permission to ask powerful questions and not be afraid to ask them. I loved the question about what would her client want to declare and walking her through the process. Sue Sheldon, MCC.

Read Sue's bio Call 2 Coaching Scenario: Sue didnt want to know anything about the client ahead of time and so did not see her topic. I am working on this skill set right now in my sessions. It is a skill that feels challenging at the moment to master. Nice to see it in action; thank you. Several ways to pull from the client that which she already knows.

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Powerful affirming throughout the call the client can expand upon. A lot of wonderful concepts for the client to take in Just affirming that in my business coaching it serves sometimes to be a bit more directive Consciously using the 3 part questions Sue identified in order to set the contract What I liked most from this call was all the acknowledgements Sue gave Jennifer.

Wendy Terwelp.

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It is where the richness is, so I need to be willing to "go for the gold". Being able to intuitively go with what surfaces. Self-managing any preconceived ideas around what's needed. It was deeply spiritual and moving. Sue Sussman M. The importance of really understanding and defining what the client wants to take away from the call. It is the responsibility of the coach to clarify and make sure both the coachee and the coach understand the language and intent of the coachee in regard to the topic.

Don't hold back, BE with your client, establish the relationship with authenticity and love. Go to the heart of the matter. As a coach, I want to show up as my own best self.

Teri-E Belf

Clients are on their own timeline. Damian Goldvarg Ph. She had some enlightening moments The value of coaching supervision to improving our coaching capacities. Reflecting on is there a possibility there is something we have not seen here together, and offering that inquiry to my client to co-create. I loved- Normative, Formative, Restorative and the summary that Damian gave toward the end of the call.

How to work more intentionally with the coaches I support- and not shy away from Direct Communication and sharing what is there It is particularly relevant to my work with coaches-- so much so I will be looking into his training. Process of examining parallel processes in supervision that may mirror what is going on with client. Understanding of Supervisory Coaching, recognizing potential hazards of failing to self-manage as a coach. Patience in helping the client to walk through self-reflection. Asking myself the question: Am I challenging enough with my clients?

Sam Magill MCC.


Download PDF What Distinguishes a Master Coach? 10 perspectives

Kathleen Stinnett MCC. Loved watching the gray shift for the client to yellow, all within the framework of metaphor and imagery was pretty fascinating. I have been exploring listening to the stillness under the words and her share and demonstration if immediacy was amazing. I definitely learned some new skills from this call, in addition to feeling myself dusting off some of my old skills that I previously had in my tool box that may have had some cob webs on them.