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  2. In 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey,' choices really matter
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Joined Feb 13, Messages 4, Location In your bedroom wardrobe No sex. The one time when it was intimated, it faded to black Vertigo is right. It's more the language, but it's not gratuitous.

You know I'm a hopeless AC fanboy? I even have the dreaaaadful books. I just started playing Unity which is phenomenal.

Just beautiful. Also full of bugs.

You must log in or register to reply here. Listen, I'm going to be frank and honest in this review. The negative: Let's address language first. No, I personally did not hear the f-bomb.

Assassin's Creed 18+ rating? | Science Fiction & Fantasy forums

Their accents make it a little tricky to discern. They do say "muck" because it's slang that is period and geographically appropriate to the game, and perhaps I misheard a certian swear word and thought they said "muck". It's debatable - you'd have to look at a script.

The f-bomb isn't in the cut scenes, however, so there is no debate there. I don't recall Evie swearing. I think the violence is rather mild, for being a game where you play as an assassin. When you kill enemies, there is a tiny pool of blood near their body. The most graphic parts are the cutscenes, but even that is rather mild. Jacob and Evie do collect the blood of their victims on handkerchiefs during the cutscenes after the target dies.

In 'Assassin's Creed Odyssey,' choices really matter

It is rather morbid, but it's part of their creed. The Positive: Evie and Jacob are both lovable, and even if you don't love them immediately they will absolutely grow on you. The game continues to reward you, and there are many fun little tidbits. I Suggest collecting all the pressed flowers, so instance. Evie and Jacob have a VERY real and believable relationship, and their interaction with others can be charming and light-hearted.

Both learn from each other and their own mistakes. I find that Evie is a lovely role-model, and Jacob's arch of development is very relatable and doesn't feel forced. Evie in particular is a very good example of a rounded female lead, and a enjoyed playing her very much. Personally, I preferred her to Jacob in most situations. I wouln't say she's superior to Jacob in any way, I just like her a little more.

Although, Jacob grew on me very quickly along with Henry and Mr. Is it educational? Sort of. It sets a very accurate picture for the area and time, and you do meet some very prominent historical figures which I adored and enjoyed thoroughly , and you may learn about their personalities, but there is little historical context for them.

They are simple there and it was a delight for them to be there. I agree with CommonSenseMedia, I do think this game is mature. Not solely because of language, but because of some difficult themes, emotional maturity, the glorification of crime, and the undermining of how serious murder is. Yes, it is a video game, but children and teens are impressionable. That said, this is in fact a fun and engaging game with plot, depth, an STELLAR soundtrack, interesting characters, fun features, and so much more. Written by Anonymous February 17, Great Honestly, the game is great.

Can Michael Fassbender's Assassin's Creed save the video game movie?

The violence has some brutal punches and kicks, and uses combos and some knives and sticks, but I feel it is one of the least violent Assassins Creed game as the variety of weapon types are low, and without the blood you don't even look like your killing somebody and more like you knocked them out. Its a bit like Halo 3 and 5. In halo 3 there's a small spray of blood which is what got it a Common Sense Media brand of 16 plus, yet its way more violence intense sequel halo 5 got a 13 plus rating because there is no small amounts blood.

You actually can avoid fights very easily, and to be fast and efficient in the game you should actually try to avoid them, as even though the characters in the game are expert fighters, their still human and can be hurt, and if you're killed, you will have to re endure the whole mission you were working on. The Assassins Creed universe is big, and some people have told me their afraid their children would be to drawn into this creed and want more, and I don't blame them. The world is full of these tempting crumbs that would start the people on it's trail of ideals.

That is why children should explain why they want it, and if the reasons seem verifiable, agree. Violence is a big part of the game industry, and plays a big part in Assassins Creed Syndicate unless you turn off the blood in the settings and avoid fights , but Syndicate is a beautiful game with wonderful graphics and a brilliant open world, and if that is the sole reason your child wants it for the giant open world and parkour then the game is worth it. Written by Anonymous September 7, All Assassin's Creed games are rich historical world-building: this one is excellent First, the Assassin's Creed games I've played most are impressive in their historical detail and world-building.

Walking through Florence or Rome in the Renaissance, or Victorian London, is simply beautiful at times. The sunsets change the color of the light on the buildings and the reflections in the puddles and the windows.

Common Sense says

Crowds of people dressed in period costume, with horses and carriages and so on. This is like an interactive history lesson. Generally, single women are allowed to attend, but men must bring a partner. Limiting single men is believed to reduce male aggression and generally to lead to an ideal mix.

There are special events for women seeking the company of multiple single men. There is a great deal of negotiation involved in and around a GSE. It is very important that everybody involved is on the same page so that the event may feel safe and pleasurable to all involved. Requirement that condoms be used, theme for the party, allowed sexual acts, such things.

https://adtibantensta.tk This manages expectations and streamlines negotiation during the event. While most interactions go smoothly, especially as members of the community learn to navigate these negotiations even in new communities — forming what is termed procedural literacy — there is always the potential for miscommunication.

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Physical attractiveness is obvious, as are sexual stamina and skill. Additionally, there is the ability to quickly and effectively communicate interest while maintaining a degree of emotional distance and not arousing jealousy. There is a magic circle around a GSE, an environment where the rules of the quotidian social reality are changed or relaxed.