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Bahnen in Lissabon 1997 - Eléctricos de Lisboa

By scrutinising the …. Members went on to endorse a liberal feminist strategy to promote gender equality within the international trading system. The struggle for religious freedom is the oldest of all movements for international human rights. Nonetheless, religious freedom remains the most problematic of all human rights. Despite treaty protections for religious rights stretching from the Treaty of Westphalia to the European Convention on Human Rights and beyond, the role of customary international law remains considerable.

For example, how does one define such rights as the freedom to establish …. In December , the Global Compact on Refugees was adopted. Especially over the last year, its drafting and negotiations could appear in odd contrast to the surrounding world, in which conditions for seeking asylum continued to harshen. The compact is non-binding and one widely shared view is that all will depend on …. India confirmed the loss of one plane and claims to have shot down a Pakistani warplane as a response itself.

The Kashmir region …. On one page, Bofaxe assess current legal and political events and contextualize …. Telling a history of international law is every time a mode of echoing oneself in the present. The danger of a single storyand its oppressive force to identities and peoples that are misrepresented or not represented in it have been stressed in recent years by many scholars, but not only them.

Juni in Kraft. Human rights and business issues are far more complex than is often considered in most scholarly writings on the topic. The following is an example of the complexity, taken from the case of Araya v Nevsun Resources BCCA , which is currently winding its way through the Canadian courts.

Grexit: Das Scheitern der europäischen Idee

The company is alleged to have aided and abetted serious human rights abuses, primarily conducted by the government of Eritrea. Does customary international law really matter in protecting human rights, and if so how? This results in …. For a long time, international legal scholars did not devote much attention to protagonists from the Global South as relevant actors in the field. The focus of the discipline — at least in continental Europe — was on contributing to the systematization of the international legal order. The few studies on particular national or regional approaches to international law largely focused on the perspectives of the Soviet and US American ….

Wolfgang Kaleck is the founder and General Secretary of the European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights ECCHR , a legal human rights organisation based in Berlin, Germany, dedicated to hold torturers and war criminals as well as transnational corporations accountable. The Non-State Armed Groups in North East India have been consistently engaged in hostilities with the Indian armed forces, resulting in a myriad of human rights violations by both sides.

In a span of 15 years to , North East India has witnessed over twelve thousand casualties out of which more than five thousand are civilians. Though the number of casualties has been on a decline since , human …. It has been a pleasure to read to what now amounts to an exchange of views between Prof. Bhutan proudly — and for all intents and purposes, rightly — claims that it has never been conquered or colonized, either by a European power or by an Asian neighbor.

Furthermore, consequences of geography and geology make comparisons …. There is either utter disdain towards opposing perspectives or deliberate display of ignorance for plausible and varying rationalities. Nothing has been as vehemently contested as the role of the state in the economy, financial intermediation and …. Prabhakar makes a number of important and interesting contributions in this paper. First, he convincingly substantiates a practical and theoretical distinction between colonies and semi-colonies.

From Education to Lifelong Learning: The emerging regime of learning in the European Union

He goes on to demonstrate the continuing relevance of this distinction to the engagement of former colonies and semi-colonies with international law. Strikingly, the makers of the ancient temples of Cambodia appear infatuated with a particular Indian mythic leitmotif, the churning of the milk ocean.

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In order to churn the milk-ocean, Vishnu, a Hindu god, turns into a turtle to allow the planting of the Mount Mandhar, the churner, on his shell. Next, Vasuki, the serpent, is wrapped …. This is an important decision. Gbagbo is the first former head of state to be tried by the ICC, and his acquittal comes just months after the controversial acquittal of Jean-Pierre Bemba, a rebel-cum-vice-president of the DR Congo.

Of course, as with Bemba see here, here and here , international lawyers will disagree on …. The case had begun in the fall when the anonymized applicant E. On this occasion she claimed that Muhammad, the most important prophet of Islam, was not a perfect human because …. I agree, but would like to caution against throwing out the baby with the bathwater by giving up the never-ending struggle for a bottom-up universalisation of the international legal discourse.

Our scholarly approaches, arguments and assessments are value-loaded and connect to underlying political and theoretical preferences …. Westphalia is a myth that plays a central role in the linear narrative on the development of international law from West to East.

It is indisputable that economic and geopolitical power has shifted east and that the core-semi periphery-periphery symbolism, a common reference for liberal, socialist and postcolonial states, increasingly mischaracterizes the complexities of relations at play, as do voices who proclaim the beginning of the post-liberal world order. True, in liberal strongholds, nationalistically-minded authoritarianism is on the rise again, more subtle than in the first half of the 20thcentury, but with similar ….

Contrary to this prophecy, we are witnessing the sunset of the Western liberal international legal order. In Japan, only a few academic scholars are aware of the plurality of academic scholarly perspectives. Most others do not think that their methods are different from the Western methods. This phenomenon is visible in international law study too. Such an attitude is not groundless. Japanese international law scholars are more internationalized than domestic law scholars.

Most of them understand two or three European languages well, have experience of studying …. Ein Blick …. I argue …. Formal stand zwar die Entscheidung zwischen …. Diverging views and perspectives on international law are unavoidable. The global span of this body of law and the different geographical, cultural, religious and educational backgrounds of those who work with it contribute importantly to the understanding of its normative frameworks.

The fact that scholars from different countries and continents …. As workload and expectations have been growing, the time has come to secure more sustainable funding and to further professionalize the blog. While it is nothing new in Switzerland that popular initiatives are launched which lead to conflicts with international law just remember the popular initiatives on the ban of minarets, on the ….

Postkonflikt-Rohstoffmanagement: zahlreiche Handlungsmöglichkeiten

While the events have been largely claimed to be the result of an internal power struggle between two senior judges at …. Ein Schritt, der in Deutschland von der AfD bejubelt wurde. Woher kommt die Skepsis?

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In her opinion, principles like Data Minimization and Localization are likely to infringe generally accepted principles of investment law, such as the fair and equitable standard of treatment of …. A significant number of Ethiopians are migrating to the Gulf countries to work in the domestic labor market.

In late , the Ethiopian government passed a temporary ban on labor migration, which was subsequently lifted five years later in January How have these legal developments shaped the current situation, and what are the major push factors influencing Ethiopian labor migration? Two factors are particularly noteworthy: first, a state monopoly ….

A Comparative Analysis of the World Bank, the EU and Germany

Der Cyberkrieg ist in aller Munde. Allerdings steht auch die Reaktion der EU auf rechtlich wackeligen Beinen. This is for two reasons—both, in my mind, connected to LaGrand. In the first place, with the Court having declared its provisional measures binding, it was incumbent upon it to ensure their requirements were clear and predictable.

Politik zur Erhöhung der Erwerbsquoten Älterer in Europa | SpringerLink

In the second and in view of …. She demonstrates how Kavanaugh has repeatedly shown disrespect for humanitarian law and human rights in his career as a judge for the Federal Court of Appeals for the District of …. There has been a recent surge in the proliferation of data protection regulations globally, the most recent example of which is the General Data Protection Regulation.

This tightly constrained and circumscribed stage of the proceedings, though only a precursor to the far more significant jurisdictional and merits stages—each of which has the potential to ask questions with lasting significance for international law and ….

History is not unfamiliar with the rigours of tariff wars. Back in the s, retaliatory tariff escalation led to the great depression, which in turn contributed to the Second World War. Leaders of the free world sought to revive the beleaguered global economy through free and fair trade. Years of negotiations aimed at increasing market access and curtailing protectionism culminated in the establishment of the World Trade Organization WTO. Doch wie ist eigentlich die Rechtslage an kolonialen Kulturobjekten?

Many Kenyans took to social media to mourn the death of the African diplomat they had come to know through his efforts in curbing the post-election violence.


Annan and the Election in Kenya The election in Kenya was charged and emotive. The vicissitudes of history have nevertheless robbed many peoples of this inheritance. The legacies of colonialism and imperialism are keeping the European museum scene busy. At first glance, it seems that colonial amnesia is overcome and museums are paving the way for postcolonial restorative justice. A second glance, though, might reveal inconsistencies and shortcomings structuring present museum work.

The current debate mainly focuses on objects being looted, exchanged, extorted or bought under colonial rule, and considers the restitution of objects to former ….