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In the dawn of August 29, , on the rumps of a friend's motorcycle, petit suffered an accident. The violent hit of the head against the asphalt left him in a coma for 40 days. He survived, but with the right side of the body, face and mouth paralyzed. An ordinary person might be able to dribble the drama, but not the "talented petit" as his friends refer. In these conditions, life became unbearable for him, disabled and prisoner in his apartment, away from the sea he loved so much, after a lifetime used to live intensely, in the sun, the beach, the sports, the girls, and etc Behind that cheerful and playful man, Golden Skin, 1,80 M, blond, green eyes and strong physical, there was a helpless child who would never become an adult.

Almost two years later, on the afternoon of March 7, , at age 32, Petit, the eternal boy of Rio, gave up his life. Locked himself in his apartment and hung himself with the belt of his jiu - jitsu kimono.

Literatura - Tropicalismo: introdução (Brasil)

The weight of depression, the isolation of everything and everyone was too heavy for it to bear. Lion Lion Dominated by men, Brazil's musical composition mainly generated muses.

But in a brief interval of two years, between and , caetano veloso, who became a product of the generation of 60 and so little given to conventions, created two of the most important moments of Brazilian popular music Mpb inspired by two cariocas boys of the time: Petit, the river boy, and dadi, the little lion. Magazine me excites me, Makes me prettier!

Oh come here my boy, The way I imagine. Take away this exhausting, Take away these dark circles To wait so long; The change of winds, To feel with strength, To feel more young! Oh come here my boy! Paint and edge with me, Magazine me excites me, Makes me prettier!

The way I imagine, Take away this shame, Show me, expose me! Take me like 20 years, Let me cause envy! Let me cause remorse: Mine, yours, ours! Symbiosis Symbiosis Nana caymmi is one of the best singers in the country of singers. And, accompanied by the guitar of the virtuous and incomparable helium delmiro; and a true cotton - candy sailing in a sky - brigadeiro. The exact case of Nana, who in was recently married to the remarkable Claudio Nucci who at the time was a young adult almost the age of her firstborn , another that, like me and so many , too She was enchanted by that strength and example of life.

Diva Diva Throughout her 50 years of career, nana caymmi has become one of the most important and important voices of our mpb. The quality of her interpretation is indisputable and not by chance, she has become one of the most recognized and respected artists in Brazil. The Melody, written by all, is by Waldemar De Oliveira, but the lyrics may be written by Samuel Campelo not credited on the original album.

This is because dr. Waldemar was also a composer of his plays. Waldemar De Oliveira Founder of the amateur theatre of pernambuco, in Both worked together in the group our group, created in and in the theatre of Santa Isabel, from Recife PE. She also recorded "cirandeira", from another pernambucano, Lenin. Edu Lobo is the partner of chico buarque in a classic of the modern stages, " Ciranda da ballerina where the virtuous Monica Salmaso, sings and enchants.

And There's even a gringo in ciranda: The American Pandeirista, Scott Feiner, based in Rio, leads an instrumental quartet in " 7 in ciranda Composer, rabequeiro and guitarist, the pernambucano, siba, former member of the group master ambrose, and cultural activist of coconuts, cirandas and horses, recorded in , "singing ciranda on the edge of the sea".

Dori caymmi enters the " step of dance ", partnership with Paulo Caesar Pinheiro, author, with another partner, Lenin, of " moon candeia with soraya ravenle. The Paulista singer and author Ana Lee, titled her second album, from , " my ciranda composition of ozias stafuzza. And also, we also remember "Ciranda of love", from the composer Sergipano Rubens Lisboa, which perpetuated.

Anyway, the ciranda, traditional collective manifestation, should always be remembered! Due to the behavior, considered controversial, as well as that of friend Tim Maia, it is a relic of Brazilian music. Among his successes are " the moon and me " and " Collection ", in his voice, " Spring go rain " and " I love you recorded by Tim Maia.

In the late s he moved with his family to Rio de Janeiro and worked as a mason's helper. The following year, the group was able to record a record by RCA, " each in their own in which they were included " you can't understand " and " Clarimunda both of their own. In the same year, he comes out in a solo career and released his first LP, also by RCA, " image and sound On This LP, cassiano played " she ordered to wait " and " I've been saying ", both in partnership with Tim Maia, and also " Spring go rain " and " a tear In with "the moon and I" in partnership with Paulo Zdanowski , he obtained a lot of notoriety.

However, in , he was forced to remove a lung for health reasons, and was then forced to abandon his career.

Cassiano, however, continued composing. A song of the soul One of the great frustrations in the history of Brazilian music was the interruption of the career of singer and composer cassiano, in the late 70 s. He had recorded three memorable solo records that would support the "Brazilian soul" movement. The talented artist came back in , with a track on songbook released by the late producer almir chediak dedicated to Noel Rosa. What seemed to be a comeback in high style stayed right there and cassiano continued only composing and participating in some shows.

Which is a tremendous injustice. Cassiano and the diagonal, were influenced by American " soul music " and " funk however, always, with a Brazilian touch. And that, it was enough to become reference, with the compositions, the beautiful vocal harmonies and the rhythm rhythm.

Все о баскетболе - главная

The Quartet was invited by Tim Maia to participate in the first lp of the liquidator in , in which he printed his trademark in the accompanying voices. With simplicity in the corner, almost spoken, and lyrics with the most diverse inspirations, from the controversy caused by the rise of bossa nova to the ideals of peace and love of "Hippie", the album featured dancing songs, and romantic themes.

However, always with a "soul" with strong presence of refined acoustic elements.

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As hope is the last one that dies, we hope that in a day, not so far away, cassiano will receive due recognition for a work that is small in the amount of records released, however, immense, in the quality of each song. The Moon and me!

sonic colors reach for the stars female version of viagra

Another one in the crowd Keep a secret, I want you: And just tell yours to me! Make me your toy. You are my plot Get over here! I love you! I hope! No it won't pass! Love, there is no need to be, You think of me, I think of you, I try to sleep You try to forget you! Away from your nest, on my floor, way.

I leave, where I step, my feet on the ground: I'm another one in the crowd!

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The sun sea on the bed of the home And not even the river can erase! Love is fire, and boils burning! I'm hurt now, and I'm still loving you: You can believe it! Same letter, same verb, And dream only, live for you! Who has the key to mystery, Don't fear so much, the fear of loving! Blind me, See you! Love will soon be: I love you! Love, there is no need to be. You think of me; And I think of you: I try to sleep, You try to forget!