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Arcana Item for Rubick.

Epiphany Rise

Most Magi believed the Puzzle of Perplex to be a mere curiosity. Yet generations of wizards had broken themselves trying to solve it. And even after the Grand Magus thought he finally grasped the crux of its secret, the epiphany of true meaning came only much later—that the knowledge at the heart of Perplex might allow him to alter the very foundations of magic itself.

Now, no longer limited to masterful mimicry, Rubick toys with the boundaries of arcane artistry, reshaping the world of magic as he sees fit; always hungry for new preternatural mysteries to unravel and respool, and the undiscovered kingdoms of magic they too might reveal. Unlock stolen spell effects. As Rubick steals spells, the Magus Cypher will take on a new arcane color signature depending on the original caster. As you win games with Rubick, he'll also learn how to add his own arcane signature to different abilities, giving each one a distinctive magus flair. Chaotic Offering.

Reflections for the Feast of the Epiphany

Black Hole. Freezing Field. Finger of Death. Chaos Meteor. Unlockable Ground Effect.

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Crux of Perplex Immortal Update Rubick's Immortal shoulder item from the most recent Trove Carafe now features an additional style that allows it to take on the same arcane color signatures as the Arcana item when the Grand Magus steals a spell. When equipped, this item grants the following custom upgrades to Rubick:. Despite housing crisis there's a hunger for architecture like never before. How to make your own sustainable festive wreath for Christmas. Pussycat Dolls reunite with risque performance on X Factor: Celebrity.

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