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They believe that poverty is the single most important issue faced by people in today's world as poverty leads to all sorts of disadvantages to do with health, education and participation in society.

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The Church of England has focused on the importance of fair trade between nations to help to alleviate poverty in the poorest countries. The General Synod of the Church of England said that:.

The Life Of Ron Ormond, Producer of Christian Exploitation Films | Cult Celebrities

Dr Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury, raised issues of the poor to international attention. His International Development Secretariat was involved in several programmes in sub-Saharan Africa to help build schools and support those suffering from illnesses such as HIV. The work of the Church lies not in imposing solutions but in working with local people.

The Religious Society of Friends Quakers believes in putting its faith into action. As part of this campaign, Quakers try to reduce the inequality between the rich and the poor, including in the UK.

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The Quakers support their ideals with reference to Luke :. The organisation helps people of all religions, not just Christians. Its work focuses on sustainable development as well as emergency aid and campaigning for change. Christian Aid is a charity, sponsored by most of the Protestant denominations in the UK, that works to end world poverty. It helps both religious and non-religious people and it tackles the causes and effects of poverty.

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  • The charity helps in emergency situations providing food, clean water and shelter necessary for survival, eg in the Philippines, after the typhoon, monsoon and floods in Christian Aid also funds early warning systems so that people can be evacuated from their homes before they are in danger. Both charities believe strongly in the importance of sustainable development to eradicate long-term poverty.

    The aim of fair trade is to enable farmers to receive a fair price for their produce. Some Christians believe that they should help people in poverty directly by visiting LEDCs and being involved in charitable organisations. Christians Abroad supports volunteers to go abroad and work with children and communities in LEDCs, eg the Rainbow House Children's Home in Kenya welcomes volunteers through Christians Abroad to work with former homeless street children.

    All involve the selling of sexual services which undermine the dignity of women, men and children and are detrimental to a healthy society. Raising awareness on the realities of all forms of sexual exploitation through events and resources.

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    Aiding individuals, non-profits and faith organizations to come alongside victims and at risk youth, through resources and training. The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada believes:. The Christian and Missionary Alliance in Canada is therefore committed to the abolition of prostitution by:. Learn about each member of our team, their background, and passions!

    Franklin Pyles to address a justice issue affecting Canadian women. Through research, Glendyne was drawn to the issue of sexual exploitation. This was a defining moment as the team prayed, reflected and deliberated on all they heard. It was decided to form a small sub-committee to plan next steps as all were convinced that this was an issue that the church needed to understand and respond to.

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    These initiatives were video driven along with presentations made at each District Conference in Churches were eager to learn how to engage on this issue. We are a group of approximately local churches in Canada, and we send people to live on mission locally and globally. We aim to be a Christ-centred, Spirit-empowered, Mission-focused movement in everything that we do. Learn More.