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Buenos Aires, Ediciones Didot.


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New Haven:Yale University Press, This book is a culmination of Professor Elizabeth Schneider's nearly thirty years of professional legal and scholarly work. Most of the chapters or portions thereof are revised articles previously published by the author. However, on the whole, this is not a "recycled" collection.

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In fact, the publisher touts this offering as "the only book about the feminist legal effort to change both law and society in the area of domestic violence. As explained by the author, the basis for the book is a theoretical framework that the author has named the "dialectical interrelationship between rights and politics. The relationship between law and social movements is the core of this theory. As succinctly stated by the author, the book reflects this dialectical relationship. The book is divided into four parts, with a total of thirteen chapters. Part I, titled "Domestic Violence as a Social and Legal Problem," consists of three chapters and provides background information about domestic violence and sets the tone of the collection.

Domestic Violence: Still Hidden - The Atlantic

Part II, titled "Theoretical Dimensions of Feminist Lawmaking on Battering," discusses core theoretical dilemmas within her analytical framework. Part III, titled "Implementing Feminist Lawmaking," details how feminist arguments can be asserted into legal claims -- specifically claims by battered women. Part IV, titled "Aspirations, Limits, and Possibilities," looks towards the future of this feminist jurisprudential reformative genre. In Chapter 1, Schneider begins by documenting the hard-hitting facts and truths about domestic violence.

During any twelve-month period, approximately two million women are severely assaulted by their male partners. Interwoven with her feminist jurisprudential discussions of the law, Schneider provides the reader with some of her personal experiences from decades of legal work in the battered women's movement, both in the U. Thus, the book crisscrosses the boundary between activism and jurisprudence, and between theory and practice. For the reader who is unfamiliar with the phenomenon of domestic violence and battered women, Chapter 2 provides an informative background.

Alternatively, for. In short, to use an old adage, "there is something here for everyone.

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