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by Sam Buchan-Watts
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Edmond Jabes, because he was able to write about the Holocaust truthfully, that is nonsensically and beautifully at the same time. Richard Siken, because Crush is just a queer masterpiece. Labels: Alex Leslie. What are you working on?

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In many ways, it is a continuation of my work in Losing Miami to understand the conditions of cultural shift under threat of global ecological collapse. Monday, 18 November Cara Waterfall : part one. Labels: Cara Waterfall. Jaeggle : part five.

How do you know when a poem is finished? When the words reach a state of equilibrium over their reference, when the words are at once faithful to the experience or emotion that prompted their arrangement and working to name an unestablished experience or emotion.

Paris Review - Anne Carson, The Art of Poetry No. 88

Others might call this interplay of conflicting desires a contradiction or ambivalence, but I find the feeling I experience when language is torqued to this state better described by equilibrium. It goes without saying that I have no way of predicting or measuring this process. I just intuitively know when the words sing an experience new. Labels: M. And when you go back to the room, you might move a few things around, rearrange some furniture.

I could keep re-stacking the books and fluffing the pillows indefinitely. I might ask a friend whether the lamp looks better here or there.

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  • Robin Robertson wins Goldsmiths prize for innovative fiction with The Long Take.
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But at some point, you do get a sense that the room looks pretty good the way it is and you can live in it fairly comfortably. Older Posts Home. Here, both artists talk about their ongoing collaborative process, and how poetry and the visual arts become mutually inclusive influences in their lives, art, and friendship.

Robin Robertson wins Goldsmiths prize for innovative fiction with The Long Take

Making the sonnet dance again has become something of an American tradition, too, one that extends from Edna St. Vincent Millay to Terrance Hayes then beyond in both directions. Adding their own voices to the chorus are Diane Mehta Forest with Castanets and Drew Pisarra Infinity Standing Up , two poets with debut collections that feature this reliable old form in surprisingly new ways.

Charles Bukowski - Poetry In Motion (Higher Quality)

Below they discuss how they ended up working in a sonnet series and why it suited their material so well. The author of three books of poetry, she has written numerous essays on a wide range of subjects including food, books, travels, and marriage. Her most recent collection is Vivarium Tupelo, In this interview, she discusses about her writing and passion for baking, as well as life in Utah and abroad. My background is primarily in visual art.

Writing Contemplative Poetry: an Interview with Jerome Gagnon

I'd taken drawing and painting classes since I was in elementary school, and I have masters degrees in both painting and art history. I forget that people often don't know that about me. Christopher Soto is a poet from Los Angeles, currently based in Brooklyn. As a co-founder of The Undocupoets Campaign, he worked to make poetry publishing more accessible for undocumented poets, by challenging poetry book contest rules that once prohibited undocumented writers from applying.

Soto's work is always political and unfailingly unapologetic. His first chapbook addresses the intersections of queerness, youth, domestic violence, and the concept of home.

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