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  2. Memories Of Egypt – Part 1
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She has a focus on adventure travel — those into hiking and surfing will find some great reads on her site. Her blog also covers events happening around New Zealand such as the popular summer festivals. Although Cheskie may not post as regularly as some on this list, her articles are of a great quality with some beautiful visual content.

Tag: #living the dream

Our favourite articles include the pieces about the South Island , where she captures some amazing shots from her travels! Aussie on the Road specialises in ambitious adventure travel — big once in a lifetime experiences such as following the length of the Silk Road and the great US Roadtrip. Mark from Flying and Travel is an Airline Pilot, giving a unique insight into travel and flying around the globe. Their posts have a unique, local twist to New Zealand as a destination compared to the usual places written about. Katie is a New Zealander who now travels full time, living as a digital nomad.

Sarah, being a Wellington local, writes practical and informative posts that have a mixture of guides, advice and diary-style articles. From local knowledge such as how much it costs to live in Wellington, to broader travel stories from around the world, her posts are always a good read — witty and informative.

Tara moved from the United States to New Zealand in early She often takes solo road trips and writes about her experiences in entertaining blog posts. The Road to Anywhere is a blog focused on adventure and cultural travel. Dean mixes entertaining words with stunning photographs to give a sense of a place, as well as tips and advice for travelling around the covered locations.

With local holiday managers in over different locations and 24 hour guest support services, we make finding your happy place easy! Visit our website here How you can get on this list Did you miss out this year and want to be considered for our top 50 travel blogs? Do you have any favourite travel blogs not listed here? If you have any go-to travel blogs, let us know in the comments below!

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Memories Of Egypt – Part 1

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Travel Tales

Just like these we also started our travel journey with our Friends. You can make new friends easier during a solo travel. You can explore more beautiful things around you and more beautiful souls around you if you wish to travel alone. Great Post! This is such a great resource that you are providing and you give it away for free. I love seeing websites that understand the value of providing a quality resource for free. We have been on the road for nearly two years and write about experiencing more by living with less.

It is primarily travel focused while looking at how to reduce things to have the experiences you want. We provide simple, tested tools and practical advice that help people live happier, more intentional and sustainable lives.

How did you get started in design?

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We came to NZ in and now live in Wellington. Happy travelling! Just curious, how did you rank these blogs? By adding facebook and instagram followers? I sat on the roof of our hotel to catch the last sunrise. In the distance, three small triangles stood out in stark contrast to the multitudes of busy markets, chaotic streets and unfinished buildings the people of Cairo call home. I tried to think back to the start of my trip, driving through the streets after midnight en route to my hotel in Giza. Nothing can really prepare you for the first time you lay eyes on the Great Pyramids of Giza.

Further inspection revealed these were attached to a camel, atop the camel a toothless grin looked down on me.

I realised the statement was directed at my travel buddy Brett. This was my first glimpse into the Egyptian sense of humour. I could tell you all the specs for the pyramids and theories of how they were built by the ancients when most other civilizations were still whacking each other on the heads with cave sticks, but you have Google. With a degree in Egyptology and over 10 years tour guiding this guy knows his stuff.

Sam patiently explained the facts, often with interesting stories to accompany them. He also patiently addressed all our misinformation. We were headed to see the Sphinx. After giving the Sphinx a quick kiss and grabbing a bite, I was headed for Hurghada, the only place on the itinerary I had never really heard of. In addition to England being filled from top to bottom with majestic castles and cathedrals, in every church there is inevitably a round ruddy-faced monk, or patient elderly church volunteer, whose job it is to stand at the base of an antiquated stone stairwell and encourage you to contribute a small donation for the pleasure of climbing to the top.

But more about that shortly.

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This time around my exploration of the North East of England led me to Durham and the hallowed and ancient grounds of Durham Castle. Durham Castle — view from within the Castle courtyard. Photo credit: Wikipedia. Having spent a few years as a live-in residential assistant RA at University College in Dunedin, New Zealand — a hall of residence for first year university students — I was amused to discover that Durham Castle housed the very first University College in England.

It was certainly a far cry from the two familiar concrete slabs situated next to Otago University in Dunedin. Spectacular buildings, secret stairways and dark dungeons were all enclosed within the huge, thick and impenetrable castle walls. In Dunedin we only ever had two large glass swinging doors to keep out predatory teenagers.

Orientation Week was particularly troublesome as randy boys and girls loitered outside seeking a willing participant for a drunken one-night stand.

Zoo Tales - Kiwi chick release to Motuora Island

I used to guard the doors with a fellow RA nicknamed Filthy, and very rarely did anyone get past us on our ironclad watch. Not even the All Black who will remain nameless, but who later became Captain! Not even him.

Humans of #5 – Tales

As I wandered through the dining hall and listened to stories of how Oliver Cromwell used Durham Cathedral as a make-shift prison to house Scottish prisoners of war, I envisaged him sitting at the head table, tearing the meat from a tender leg of lamb with his teeth, then quaffing the remains of his tankard before dragging some unlucky wench upstairs to have his wicked way with her.

Ahhh, the days when men were men. Thank goodness those have passed!